Marcus 25, 2019:  We're excited to announce we've booked a 5/8/2019 show at The Phoenix 510 in Hazel Park, MI
with Werewolves and others TBA.  Stay tuned for the gory details!

March 14, 2019:  We had a blast rocking our first live radio performance at the hometown
Henry Ford College's "Live from Studio J" on WHFR 89.3 FM!   

March 11, 2019:  Be sure to tune in to Henry Ford College's "Live from Studio J" on WHFR 89.3 FM this Thursday at 5PM
for M:tAP!'s live radio performance!   

March 2, 2019:  Thanks to all who came out to our raucous debut show at PJ's Lager House in Detroit.  Stay tuned for more to come!  

February 25, 2019:  We're in final preparations for our debut live show on March 1 at PJ's Lager House with Float Here Forever, Werewolves, and Audfeed.  Can't wait to see you there!  

February 23, 2019:  WRIF HD / RIFF 2 spins "What Say You?" on the Michigan Mixtape 101!  

January 31, 2019:  Our friends at The Sonic Blender continue to bless us with their awesome support from north of the border. 

 January 19, 2019:  We are excited to announce M:tAP!'s live debut will be Friday, March 1 at PJ's Lager House in Detroit
at the Float Here Forever CD release party!  

January 16, 2019:  Motown-Philly!  We are proud and excited to announce that we've teamed up with
Philadelphia-based Stark Raving Mad Records!  January 8, 2019:  Big thanks to Cesar Luna Hernandez for including "What Say You?"
on one of the most eclectic Spotify mixes you'll ever hear!  

December 27, 2018:  We are beyond flattered that "What Say You?" made TheSonicBlender's Best of 2018 List -- especially among such esteemed company (Parquet Courts, Neko Case, Childish Gambino, and many more)!  Thanks for a great 2018!   

December 10, 2018:  Our friends at The Sonic Blender keep "What Say You?" spinning on another great play list!  

November 8, 2018: The Sonic Blender cranks "What Say You?" on another of its stellar shows.  We love these guys!  

October 12, 2018:  M:tAP! is featured on MGoBlog's MGoRadio Podcast!  Those who listen [to M:tAP!] will be champions!  

October 5, 2018:  Adobe and Teardrops closes the podcast with "What Say You?"  And with a shout-out to our punctuation chops, no less!  

October 4, 2018:  "What Say You?" is the Track of the Day!  Such an honor to be included on such a cool site!  

September 20, 2018:  CILU's The Sonic Blender airs "What Say You?"  Oh, Canada!  

August 15, 2018:  Mind Noise Network reviews "The Fury of Almost" and includes on its Spotify playlist!  

August 6, 2018: What Happened to Your Band Webzine features "What Say You?" video stream!  

August 5, 2018:  London's A&R Factory reviews "The Fury of Almost."  Like the SOUND of that!  

August 2, 2018:  CILU's (Thunder Bay, Ontario) The Sonic Blender airs "The Fury of Almost."   We're international, baby!  

July 26, 2018: "The Fury of Almost" lands on Last Day Deaf's Summer 2018 Playlist.  So cool!  

July 17, 2018:  Wow!  Rock the Pigeon throws some major love to "What Say You?"  

July 16, 2018: And it drops!  "The Fury of Almost" is available everywhere:  Amazon, CD Baby, and iTunes!  

July 4, 2018: The countdown to the July 16 release of "The Fury of Almost" is on!  A teaser video for "What Say You?" is now up on our YouTube channel.  Enjoy our humble offering of a new Battle Hymn of the Republic!  

JUNE 26, 2018: Thanks to all who picked up an advance copy of "The Fury of Almost" at the 10th Annual All Things Michigan Party !  The official release will follow soon on iTunes, CD Baby, and the far reaches of the internet!  

JUNE 19, 2018: claws crossed for a 6/21 delivery and 6/23 debut of "The  Fury of Almost" at the 10th Annual All Things Michigan Party !  

JUNE 18, 2018: the M:tAP! Facebook Page is more or less up and running.  YouTube will follow soon!